Certain COCs are maintained online. To access COC, please enter the Serial Number and Manufacture Date (as shown in the stencil slot) in the following format:
e.g., 12345-01-01
e.g., 01/19
If your COC is not found or a complete Data Book is required please
phone +1 (281) 399-8771 or email sales@packardusa.com.
We are sorry, the COC for the Serial Number provided is not available online.
Please contact us at:
Phone: +1 (281) 111-1111
Email: contact@packard.com
Packard Sales Order:
Customer PO Number:
Part Number:
Serial Number:
Part Description:
Packard International Certifies the products furnished on the referenced Sales Order have been supplied to the requirements stated on the Customer Purchase Order, and Packard International design specifications that meet or exceed API Specifications. Packard International Quality System is ISO recognized and licensed to API Spec . The products supplied by Packard International are manufactured at our facility or by an approved supplier of component parts and /or services.

All parts have passed manufacturing hydrostatic tests as specified by the API. Charts are available in the Data Book and are available upon request.